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Below are links to key topics, intended to supplement our sessions together.  All methods discussed below are scientifically-based, humane, positive and force-free.

Learn how to effectively train your dog by understanding and implementing these key steps.

Stop excessive barking, jumping , or other problem behaviors using the right techniques and tools.

Teach your dog to relax in the midst of commotion or to replace undesirable behaviors.

Learn how to progress from simple to more complex behaviors - step by step, using a training plan.

Stay safe and have fun in the dog run by following a few simple tips.

Learn the joy of shaping new behaviors.  A great technique for all types of behaviors, including games!  

Teach your dog these basic behaviors, essential for their well-being, and yours.

Start your puppy out right from puppy proofing, house-training , socializing and more.  

Reduce fear based behaviors by changing your dog's emotional responses in a safe and effective way.

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