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Sample Hierarchy - Touch

Touch sensitivity spans a wide range of situations.  For instance, many other D&C include touch as a variable.  Therefore, if your dog is touch sensitive, D&C to touch must be trained prior.  Touch is necessary for many other activities, such as getting nails filed - in which both operant (teaching her to station, that is, remain still for the duration of the activity) and D&C training is necessary.   

  • D&C to touching her paws 

  • D&C to the nail filer 

  • D&C to the location in which this is performed - It might be that you need to create a new CER to the locations in which these previously stressful situations occurred, such as at the grooming facility.  Or you might choose to avoid this altogether by having the groomer come to your home.

Sample Hierarchy:  Touching paws

1.  Practice on unguarded body parts - where she shows no reaction whatsoever.

  • Add Duration:  Touch his back and add 1, 5, 10, 30 seconds duration.

  • Add Pressure:  Then touch his back for 10s, with added pressure and movement.

  • Vary Duration and Pressure

  • Vary the time intervals between touches.

  • Practice with the dog in variety of positions and locations, as relevant.

2.  Repeat this with other body parts such as hips, shoulders, and legs moving close to the paws.

3.  Repeat this on her paws:  start with the front paws if less sensitive, or vice versa

  • ​Move your hand down her front leg right above his paw, treat.

  • Touch the top of his paw for 1, 5, 20, 30s

  • Lift her paw, release, treat

  • Lift her paw with 1, 5, 20, 30s duration, release, treat

  • Lift her paw, touch his paw pads briefly, release, treat.

  • Add duration

  • Add pressure (reduce duration back to 1s)

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